Why Choose ECO's LED Reflector Bulb?

Why Choose ECO's LED Reflector Bulb?

Since 2014, EcoCare Carbon Solutions has been committed to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, and EcoCare Carbon Solutions is currently the largest certification body under the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program. Our LED reflector bulbs can be used as an alternative light source, which is an ideal direct replacement for halogen lamps. It has the following characteristics:

1. LED reflector bulbs are energy efficient

Combining the most popular facet and total reflection lamp cup design in the industry, it greatly improves the accuracy of the light output angle, while minimizing the leakage of light and greatly reducing the glare. And effectively eliminate the visual interference of multiple lens arrays, so that the beam angle of the LED reflective bulb is as high as 110 degrees, and its control technology is improved to a new level.

2. LED reflector bulb has no flicker

As we all know, the European Union has fully implemented the halogen lamp ban, and many consumers hope that their newly purchased LED lamps can match their existing dimmers. LED reflector bulbs are compatible with front-cut and back-cut dimmers, and can dim the brightness, which is highly energy-efficient and can perfectly replace traditional halogen lamps.

Although LED reflector bulbs are more expensive than similar halogen lamps, they have a higher return on investment due to their lower energy consumption and higher service life. Welcome everyone to choose ECO and buy LED reflector bulbs. We will provide you with the best quality Service.

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