NSE Energy Savings Scheme

NSE Energy Savings Scheme

The New South Wales government has further improved the state's energy-saving target. Saving billions of dollars in bills for households and businesses is imminent.

1. New developments in NSW energy savings scheme

NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean said that the state government and the federal government will invest nearly A$2 billion in the next 10 years to make the  NSW energy savings scheme ess move towards 2030 goal, which aims to cut off emission by 35% than that of 2005.

The ambitious goal of the NSW energy savings scheme ess aims to reduce energy consumption in NSW by encouraging consumers to invest in energy-efficient projects such as LED light bulbs and more efficient air-conditioning systems.

Matt Kean said: "Since 2009, the Ministry of Environmental and Social Services has supported the implementation of these projects that will save approximately 32,500 GWh of electricity during their life cycle and save consumers more than A$6 billion bill."

"By 2030, increasing the annual energy saving target from the current 8.5% to 13% will save even more money, injecting A$1 billion into the state's economy and increasing bill savings of A$2.4 billion."

2. NSW Energy Savings Scheme saves costs

Matt Kean said, "The enhanced NSW energy savings scheme also benefits tradition. Raising the target will bring more opportunities to hundreds of small businesses focusing on installing energy-saving services across the state and support more than 1,600 jobs across the state."

Residential customers who convert 20 lights to LED lights can save up to A$210 in energy costs per year.

For companies, upgrading the lighting and heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems in a medium-sized commercial building can save about A$290,000 in total costs per year.

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