Residential Lighting Upgrade - Home LED Lighting Option

Residential Lighting Upgrade - Home LED Lighting Option

Nowadays, LED lights are widely used in New South Wales, and residential lighting upgrades are also ongoing. Today, we will mainly introduce how to choose home LED lighting.

1. General lighting

The area of the living room is generally larger than other areas, therefore, when choosing the living room lights, you need to decide its size and height as well. If the area is only a dozen square meters, and its shape is irregular, then you should choose ceiling lights; if the living room and dining area are open, then panel lights may be a better choice. With the residential lighting upgrades, LED could cover all these different types of lights.

2. Local lighting

When it comes to a certain part of the overall space, everyone will think of the corners. While in daily life, we often use common floor lights and wall lights to decorate these parts.

Just imagine this: when watching TV and do some readings, you could turn off the ceiling lights and turn on the floor lights. By doing this, you will not be dazzled, and the atmosphere surrond you will become peaceful and elegant. However, the function of the living room in each family is different, for example, some families use their living room as a dining room, so the living room lights are more practical in this situation.

With the residential lighting upgrades, the choice of energy-saving LED lights is also increasing. The living room lights can neither be too dark nor dazzling. When there are few people in the living room, you can turn off the main lighting and turn on wall lights.

3. Choose lights according to the decoration style

As we all know, the home decoration of each country has a unique style, and the small energy-saving LED bulbs must also be coordinated with different styles.

For example, chandeliers and crystal lights are suitable for an European-style room; if it is an American country style room, the living room lights do not need to be too gorgeous or too fancy.

If it is a Chinese-style room, you can choose new Chinese-style art lights; if it is a pastoral style room, then you cannot choose a large chandelier that is too gorgeous and retro.

4. Choose lights according to the size of the living room

The size and height of the living room are critical points, they could ensure that the hall is sufficiently bright. For a space exceeding 20 square meters, try to choose a chandelier with luxurious shape and novel appearance, which can also solve the empty feeling of the space. If the space is less than 20 square meters, it is more suitable to use ceiling lights; and if the floor height is higher than 2.5 meters, it is also suitable for installing chandeliers.

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