Government Halogen Lamp Replacement

Government Halogen Lamp Replacement

Every family should start to pay attention. The Australian government halogen light replacement scheme has officially banned this kind of lighting. The latest Australian government regulation: starting in September 2010, the use of halogen light is prohibited throughout Australia.

So why should the government ban halogen downlights?

You must know that many houses in Australia now use this kind of lamp to illuminate. The reason is that halogen spotlights have two major drawbacks.

1. Very short life span

As a kind of incandescent lamp, the average life of halogen spotlight is only one year.

The lifespan of a better quality LED lamp is 5-15 times longer than it.

In this way, it will cost a lot of money to replace the bulb every year.

2. Too much electricity

The data shows that the power consumption of halogen spotlights is 4 times that of LED lights, or even higher!

In other words, the same is lighting, if you use halogen spotlights, 4 times the power resources will be wasted.

In other words, if the electricity bill for an LED lamp is $10, then if you use halogen spotlights, it will cost $40. The Australian government predicts that if everyone replaces these lights with LED lights or energy-saving lamps, it can save Australians 1.48 billion Australian dollars in electricity bills in the next 10 years.

A government halogen light replacement scheme has been launched 

So in order to encourage Australians to join in this government halogen light replacement scheme, the Victorian government has also launched an Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Program (VEET)

The government can help you replace halogen downlights for free. Whether you are a Victorian resident or a business user, whether lights in your home is halogen spotlights, fluorescent lights, High bays, induction lights or other lights, as long as you want to switch to energy-saving lamps, the government will provide free change it for you. The operation is also very simple, you only need to log on to the official website to see which government-certified companies or individuals that can provide government halogen light replacement scheme, and then contact by phone. But one thing to note is that 10 bulbs must be replaced at least, otherwise a small door-to-door fee will be charged, but all bulbs are free!

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