The 21st Century will Enter the Era of New Lighting Source Represented by Energy Saving Leds

The 21st Century will Enter the Era of New Lighting Source Represented by Energy Saving Leds

At present, the global energy shortage, energy conservation and sustainable development are important problems we are facing. As a new type of green light source products, led is bound to be the trend of future development. The 21st century will enter the era of LED as the representative of the new lighting source. With the reduction of technology and production costs, the demand for LED lights for civil and commercial lighting is soaring, which will bring revolutionary impact to the lighting industry and bright gospel to consumers. This is also what lighting dealers and manufacturers hope to see in the future.

The role of political power

The Paris Agreement, signed by more than 190 countries, promises to cut emissions by a further 20% by 2020 to combat global warming. And the Australian government has set an example by providing financial subsidies nationwide, such as the Victoria Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Project and the nsw energy savings scheme project in New South Wales (ESS).

In addition, the project of lighting Africa initiated by the world bank has enabled more than 250 million people in sub Saharan Africa to adopt sustainable lighting solutions, in which led lights will play a big role.

Impact on the lighting market

British lighting company Starlite said, since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1880, LED lighting has been the greatest development in the lighting industry. In today's $110 billion lighting market, Energy saving leds lights account for an estimated $30.5 billion. Analysts predict that the LED market is eating into the market share of the lighting industry.

The market is growing and several companies are trying to enter the market to expand their shares in global lighting market and drive LED lighting systems and services.

In addition, Australian led experts have also gone deep into the local market and expanding their market share with the sales mode of environmental protection and cost reduction. They attribute their success to demonstrating value models to potential customers. Their products LED tubes and commercial led downlights have penetrated into the Australian LED lighting market.

Public concern about sustainable development

Many companies and people are taking sustainable development into serious consideration. Many big brands arereadjusting their brand values to embed sustainability into their business models. Consumers' awareness of sustainability is more clear, and many enterprises are making sustainable products to meet consumers' psychological motivation. Energy saving leds is at the forefront of development, it has created a billion dollar industry, and will continue to promote social and market development.

The future of LED is bright. Companies should position their own brands and business models to cater to the lighting trend, and provide sustainable lighting products to fill the new gap the lighting market.

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