Notes for Installation of Solar Water Heaters in Middle and High Buildings

Notes for Installation of Solar Water Heaters in Middle and High Buildings

How to effectively solve the problem of residential solar power installation in high-rise residential buildings has become a topic of concern to many consumers.

How to install balcony wall-mounted solar water heaters safely, comfortably and beautifully in high-rise buildings?  

The precautions of the residential solar power installation:

1. Choose regular brand products with guaranteed quality so that product quality and after-sales service can also be guaranteed, so you can buy with confidence.

2. Ensure the construction of the regular factory engineering team, instead of transferring the engineering team, so as to ensure the construction standard, reliable residential solar power installation, wind resistance and long service life. 

3. Before installation, choose the installation location first and make sure that the residential solar power installation's location is not a residential activity site, and the installation site meets the product requirements. Since the water tank and the heat collector are separated, the heat collector can be "embedded" in sunny places such as balconies, walls, etc. The water tank can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. according to needs. Since the upper and lower water are all indoors, the water heater is no longer afraid of the severe cold in winter. It has many advantages such as windproof, antifreeze, and high thermal efficiency, which greatly reduces the restrictions on the use of solar water heaters in buildings and is comfortable to use. From the outside, the heat collector is organically combined with the building, which avoids the unsafe factors caused by traditional solar water heaters placed on the roof while being neat and beautiful; and because the water tank is close to the water outlet, it saves water while saving water, and greatly improves the utilization rate of hot water.

4. Pay attention to handling with care during transportation and installation to avoid unnecessary damage. 

5. On the premise of ensuring product performance, install pipes reasonably to ensure beauty and comfort.

6. Encountered structural obstacles in existing buildings. For example, some high-rise walls have insulation layers on the outer layer, and the property department does not allow installation, nor can they be installed in all places. For example, under the balcony, where there is no insulation layer, one can be unified. In a beautiful and practical location for the owner to install solar energy.

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