The Amazing Advantages of Energy Saving LED Lighting

The Amazing Advantages of Energy Saving LED Lighting

Residential properties can benefit from a series of energy efficiency upgrades such as LED upgrades in New South Wales’s energy saving plan (HEER project).

The "Household Energy Renovation" project provides financial incentives for households and businesses to improve household energy efficiency. The aim of the program is to reduce electricity and/or gas usage throughout the state.

Under the NSW Energy Conservation Plan (HEER project), ECOCARE provides companies and workplaces with lighting renovation plans that meet requirements of the australian standards lighting in the workplace.

LED lighting has amazing advantages. A recent NASA study showed that LED lighting inhibits melatonin, which leads to better management of the human body’s circadian rhythm. This directly reduces the risk of sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep deprivation. Companies adopting LED lighting as workplace solutions have many benefits.

1. LED lighting improves office efficiency

Appropriate lighting is critical to workplace productivity and often affects employees’ not only perception,  but also mood and performance. Studies have shown that poor and inadequate lighting can reduce daily productivity. By choosing LED lights that mimic natural light and have a higher CRI, business owners around the world are improving the efficiency of their employees while creating a perfect working environment. This may be the biggest benefit of using LED lighting in the office.

2. LED lighting adjusts the circadian rhythm

For those who don't know, the circadian rhythm is part of our biological processes that influence physiological processes. Thought lighting is a major factor influencing the circadian rhythm, the design of traditional lighting products does not do any help. Fortunately, modern LED lighting products are used in offices and workplaces, and day and night lighting plays an important role in the efficiency and health of employees. The design of modern LED lights takes into account the circadian rhythm, while the old incandescent bulbs do not. A study found that office workers exposed to day and night lighting performed 10% to 25% better than their peers.

3. LED energy saving light

With the rising cost of electricity worldwide, LED energy saving light products are a boon for offices and commercial spaces. Compared with incandescent lamps or old lamps, energy saving leds can save about 70% of energy, which means they can save a lot of energy in the long run. In offices or workplaces, where all-weather lighting is required, LED lights have greater advantages.

Energy efficiency is the main reason why enterprises and commercial centers use LED lighting in new projects and LED upgrades in old projects.

4. Long service life of LED products

The expected lifetime of high-quality LEDs is 50,000 hours or more. We know that a typical incandescent bulb only lasts about 1,000 hours, and the life span of a compact fluorescent lamp is about 8,000 to 10,000 hours. Commercial organization replacement and maintenance costs also reduce.

5. LED lighting generates less heat

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lamps have a lower operating temperature, so they do not generate as much heat as similar bulbs. The heat generated by the lighting devices together affect the temperature in the office.

6. LED lighting does not produce noise

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights will not produce any noise even after many years of use. Most incandescent lamps have a common problem of buzzing during power conversion or fluctuations. Office settings, buzzing and harsh sounds disrupted the attention of employees and so disrupted work processes. Therefore, installing LED lights in the office will reduce interference while providing adequate lighting for the workplace.

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