Introduction of MR16 Bulb and GU10 Bulb

Introduction of MR16 Bulb and GU10 Bulb

The MR16 downlights and GU10 downlights are commonly used in residential and commercial applications. Retail lighting applications tend to use narrower beam angles of less than 45° to create accent lighting or highlighting of products. These types of downlights are also sometimes referred to as PAR16 or PAR20 bulbs due to their relatively narrow diameter, although the latter typically come in the Edison style screw socket.

Most modern residential homes in Australia will utilise either a 12V 50W MR16 or 240V GU10 50W halogen light bulbs in their ceiling downlights. Our LED MR16 and GU10 (Only 5W both lamps!) downlights are an ideal replacement with an electricity saving of 90% depending on the configuration and a reduction in heat generation of up to 70%. That means as little as one-tenth of the usual electricity bill for running your lights.

LED MR16 and LED GU10 light bulbs can be identified by their different sockets. The key difference being that the MR16 light bulb requires a low voltage 12V electronic or magnetic transformer and the GU10 simply plugs into a mains power 240V AC socket and does not require an additional transformer. The LED GU10 downlight offered by EcoCare is the perfect direct replacement of your existing GU10 halogen downlight.

Both MR16 and GU10 light bulbs come with the same (Surface Mount Diode) SMD LED chip design which incorporates an independent multi LED format. SMD means surface mounted diode. This is a better technology than the first generation DIP LEDs The SMD type LEDs are mounted on an aluminium substrate and enveloped in an epoxy resin.

The push for a single LED source or COB LED has been aimed at replicating a small source or point source to create a single shadow with a crisp outline, unlike the multi-LED sources or first-generation MR16 LEDs which create a fuzzier outline through the presence of multiple sources, typically 4 or 6 LEDs. In most applications neither is a disadvantage, although the single point source more closely replicates the traditional halogen.

MR16 LED light bulbs are simply a push in fit, whereas the GU10 bulb is a push in and twist fit. As most people would know a licensed electrician is not required to change a light bulb, only if there is mains wiring to be done.

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