Lighting for Small Business

Lighting for Small Business

The NSW Government has launched a lighting upgrade offer for small businesses.

The purpose of the small business lighting program is to help eligible small businesses replace old lights with new LED lights. The cost of the LED lights and the fee for installation is subsidised.

Switching to LEDs will help you reduce your energy consumption. This means you can expect to see long-term cost savings on your bills.

For example, if your business changes 50 halogen downlights to LED downlights, you can save up to $2300 a year.

Other benefits include reduced maintenance because LEDs last longer than other lights. They will also lower your environmental impact.

When you contact EcoCare Carbon Solution, we will assess your lighting needs either by phone or by visiting your business. Click here to learn more about EcoCare energy lighting solutions. When you receive a quote, the lighting offer discount will be clearly displayed. 

You will need to make a minimum payment for the lighting upgrade. The payment will depend on your requirements, the site conditions, and the products and services we offer.

EcoCare Carbon Solution will send a licensed electrician to install the new lights.

Old light globes, or any other equipment that is removed or replaced, will be recycled or disposed of by us. This is to ensure that old, inefficient equipment is not used anywhere else.

Make your business more energy efficient today!

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