LED Street Lamp Energy-saving Transformation, Saving More Than One Million Yuan Per Year

LED Street Lamp Energy-saving Transformation, Saving More Than One Million Yuan Per Year

The successful transformation of Sydney's LED smart road lamps has opened up a new way for the government to achieve sustainable development of energy conservation and emission reduction.

The main measures of the LED upgrade NSW project:

According to foreign media reports, the inland city of Bathurst in Australia is expected to carry out energy-saving retrofits for tens of thousands of street lamps in the next few weeks, replacing traditional lamps with LED lamps, and adding energy-saving controls such as street lamp controllers and single lamp controllers system to reduce emissions and electricity bills.

It is estimated that the number of street lights after the transformation will exceed 5,600 and will be replaced by LEDs. It is expected to save the city more than 550,000 Australian dollars (about 2.62 million yuan) in maintenance and electricity costs each year.

The benefits of the LED upgrade NSW project:

The LED upgrade NSW will save a lot of money for the entire state, while making an important contribution to the global environment, leading the wave of renewable energy in the world.

The mayor of the city, Bobby Bourke, said the project is part of the city council's promotion of modern and efficient technology. "In Bathurst, it's time to switch to LED lights. The city council has invested 2.17 million US dollars to ensure the completion of the project."; "We expect the cost to be recovered within four years."

The LED upgrade NSW project is expected to take about four to six months, and the entire state is moving towards LED street lights. Compared with the old technology, these LED lights will save more than 60% of energy consumption. By adding intelligent equipment such as smart street light controllers and single light controllers, you can save 25-30% of energy consumption on this basis. The street lamp controller can improve the maintenance efficiency of the city management personnel, real-time fault detection of the running state of the street lamp, dimming by time, group control, lamp pole leakage detection and other functions.

According to reports, the project is part of the New South Wales infrastructure project, which plans to install more than 75,000 LED street lights in 41 areas in the south.

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