Energy Industry Representatives Share Insights at Second Roundtable

Energy Industry Representatives Share Insights at Second Roundtable

Around 50 representatives from energy businesses, peak bodies and government came together today for a second industry roundtable, hosted by the Essential Services Commission and its chairperson Kate Symons, to understand the impact of coronavirus on the sector and on Victorian customers.

The roundtable heard there was concern that various support programs like JobKeeper and JobSeeker are likely masking a bigger problem that will emerge later in the year.

Retailers reported that small businesses are accumulating energy debt due to a range of payment deferral and other assistance measures and may accumulate significant arrears by the end of the year.

The sector mirrored concerns raised by consumer groups that the real economic impact of the pandemic has yet to be felt, but there was some optimism that early predictions had been overly pessimistic.

The group called for any new regulatory changes being considered to retain a level of flexibility, warning that a 'one size fits all approach' would not benefit customers.

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