How to Select an LED Spot Downlights

How to Select an LED Spot Downlights

To create a good light environment in a house, it must be achieved by the cooperation of multiple levels and multiple light sources, and at the same time, people's living habits and experience must be considered to complete the layout. A single light source is difficult to meet the needs. The popularity of non-main light design has led to an increase in the demand for spotlights. Of course, spotlights themselves are indeed a very important light source. How should we choose an LED spot downlight?

The choice of chip determines the lower limit of the light quality of a spotlight. LED chip manufacturers will classify the products according to the light efficiency and color coordinates, and the lamp manufacturers can choose the chip that suits their product positioning. When choosing led spot downlights, we recommend that at least the color tolerance value is within 3 steps, and the color tolerance within 2 steps is very good.

Driving power is a part that many customers easily overlook, but in fact, the quality and matching of driving power often play a decisive role, which directly affects the stability and service life of led spot downlights. If dimming is required, the selection and adaptation of the drive is even more important. Ensure that the parameters of the drive power supply match the LED light source to ensure the dimming effect.

In addition, the stroboscopic that customers usually pay more attention to is actually related to the quality of the driving power supply. Theoretically, there is no stroboscopic in the LED chip. The control of stroboscopic, especially the harmful low-frequency stroboscopic control, depends entirely on Whether the circuit design and materials of the driving power supply use stable and reliable IC and high-quality electrolytic capacitors.

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