Led Lighting Upgrades in New South Wales Cost Only $30

Led Lighting Upgrades in New South Wales Cost Only $30

Now small businesses and households in New South Wales can use the "Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER)" program.

The Certificate of Conformity Provider (ACP) of the NSW energy saving scheme ess(NSW ESS) can upgrade the LED lighting according to HEER.

NSW energy savings scheme ess in New South Wales is a New South Wales government plan that will last until 2025 and aims to reduce energy consumption by encouraging businesses and houses to invest in energy-saving activities (such as the installation of LED lights).

Who is it for?

HEER is aimed at residential buildings or small business establishments with addresses in New South Wales.

This is what the ESS of New South Wales said:

Small business website refers to the following website:

a) Occupied entirely by one enterprise;

b) Companies that use electricity as sites:

i. It is a small customer (for the avoidance of doubt, the load of its site is not added to the consumption of other sites for the purpose of being regarded as a large customer according to its power purchase arrangement);

ii. Customers who are tax-exempt sellers and whose annual electricity consumption is below the upper limit of electricity consumption.

Small customers, large customers, tax-free sellers and the highest consumption threshold have the same meaning as in the National Energy Retail Law (NSW).

Generally speaking, sites that do not consume large amounts of electricity (less than 100MWh per year) should meet the conditions.

How can I participate?

The Certificate of Conformity Provider (ACP) on NSW ESS can upgrade LED lighting according to HEER.

However, if you really want to take advantage, participation is not mandatory. You need to hire ACP to manage your LED lighting upgrades.

How much does it cost?

Under the HEER plan, you only need to pay $30 plus GST to complete the entire installation process. In most cases, the $30 GST will cover the cost of LED lights, site evaluation and all related works.

Why only add $30 plus GST?

When you use ACP to install approved LED lights, ACP will generate an Energy Saving Certificate (ESC). These ESCs are then sold by ACP, and ACP will provide you with a point of sale discount.

However, in some cases, the value of these ESCs will cover the full cost of the upgrade. Under the HEER program, you need to pay a Goods and Services Tax (GST) copayment of $30, which is not reimbursable.

Note: Depending on your specific requirements and services other than standard LED lighting upgrades, ACP may charge additional fees related to the upgrade.

Which lights can I upgrade?

Fluorescent tubes and halogen downlights.

Can I keep the old lamp?

Your old lamp will be responsibly disposed of by ACP, so it cannot be reused, resold or refurbished.

Why use LED lights?

Upgrading to energy-saving LED lighting will help you reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and reduce environmental impact.

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