Free Residential LED Lights Upgrade in VIC

Optional: $10 Dimmer Disconnnection Fee, $65 Dimmer Upgrade Fee.
Minimum 10 Lights Per Property

Residential Led Products


MR16 (Retrofit to existing transformer)GU10
(Retrofit to existing GU10)
Recessed Downlight (Delux Option)
Reflector (Outdoor PAR30)
MR16 (Retrofit to existing transformer)GU10 (Retrofit to existing GU10) 5WGU10 (Retrofit to existing GU10) 5WReflector (Outdoor PAR30) 15W
Rated Power4.2W5W5W15W
Lumen Output480lm528lm512lm2407lm
ColorWarm White 3000KWarm White 3000KWarm White 3000KCool White 4000K
Beam  Angle70°60°100°100°

  • The right MR16 will be chosen from our suite of MR16 product range to suit your existing transformers. If your existing transformers are not LED compatible, we can install GU10's which do not require transformers for only $9.95 each.

  • The $0.00 price applies when MR16 non dimmable halogen downlights are replaced with MR16 LED downlights and when GU10 halogen downlights are replaced with GU10 LED downlights.

  • MR16 dimmable halogen downlights can be changed to GU10 dimmable LED downlights for $9.95 each.

  • The Premium Tritone Recessed Luminaire is the benchmark in energy efficiency and quality of light. This modern and elegant luminaire is dimmable with 3 switchable colour temperatures: warm, neutral and cool, and designed to cast the perfect amount of light for residential environments.

  • If you want to get free LED lights upgrade or replacement in Victoria, or if you are searching for free LED downlights replacement supported by Victorian government, they are your ideal choices. They are supported by the government LED replacement program in Vic.


    1. Each property can upgrade to led lights with an unlimited number of lights (minimum 10 lights)

    2. Lights to be upgraded must be functioning and accessible.  

    3. Transformers must be accessible for the electrician    


    There might be extra charges include but not limited to:

    • Extra works for electrician such as hard wiring or new installations.

    • Higher than standard ceilings & difficult accessibility to control gear

    • Any repair work on existing damage


    1. Our Ecomatter MR16 Led down light is one of the most compatible led lights on the market

    2. For non-compatible transformer, EcoCare Carbon Solution provdes transformer free GU10 Led downlight upgrade at $9.95 each.

    3. For existing dimmable lamps, EcoCare Carbon Solution will test the compatibility of the existing dimmers, we can disconnect dimmer or replace incompatible dimmers as extra options.


    Minimum of 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty will be provided for all of our products.

Expert Service from EcoCare Carbon Solutions

Expert Service from EcoCare Carbon Solutions

Proper installation doesn't just ensure your lights look and work as they should. It also prevents damage that can occur from faulty wiring, loose fixtures, bad drivers and other issues. At EcoCare's victorian energy upgrades, we will make sure your lights work as they should and are safe for everyone to use. Our qualified electricians meet the same standards for quality as our industry-leading lighting products. They can install lighting just about anywhere indoors or outdoors. 

LED lighting provides numerous benefits to households and businesses. However, it must be installed correctly both to get these benefits and to prevent dangers such as power outages and electrical fires. Contact EcoCare Carbon Solutions to get reliable lighting installation from a licensed electrician and start saving hundreds on your energy bills today. Our trained professionals will take care of everything, so your lights shine brightly when they are complete.

Offer and Options

  • Our great offer includes

    • Replace all your old halogen downlights with premium quality LED lights for free. *Minimum of 10 existing halogen downlights.

    • Installation will be completed by fully licensed electrician

    • All your old halogen downlights will be recycled free of charge.

  • Premium Options

    • You can upgrade your dimmer for $65. Alternatively, only $10 for disconnecting dimmer.
    • For incompatible transformer, EcoCare provides transformer free GU10 light for $9.95 each


Provide us with your details and we will call you to ask you some questions about your lighting upgrade needs.
Alternatively, call us directly at a time that suits you 9am - 5pm AEST on 1300 111 326.
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    Ecocare Carbon Solution takes its responsibility for creating a sustainable world, reducing the carbon footprint is one of the ways to achieve our target of sustainable world. As an active government energy efficiency program participant, we hold the value that sustainability can be achieved through the hard work of every single one of us, every decision we make would make the world to be a better place.

    Ecocare Carbon Solution believes that safety is one of the highest priorities in our job, we only use the tier 1 quality products that approved by the Australian government energy saving scheme. It is vitally essential that all of our employees follow our policies and protocols so that the safety of our employees and customers will be protected.

LED Upgrade Process

LED Upgrade is as easy as 4 simple steps.

  • 01 step


  • 02 step

    Book an Appointment

  • 03 step

    Installation by Licensed Electrician

  • 04 step

    Enjoy Energy Saving

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